jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Recordando la vieja obsesión con el tiempo (de The Wind-up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami)

And so time flowed on through the darkness, even without advancing watch hands: time undivided and unmeasured. Once it lost its points of demarcation, time ceased being a continuous line and became instead a kind of formless fluid that expanded or contracted at will. Within this kind of time, I slept and woke and slept and woke, and became slowly more accustomed to life without timepieces. I trained my body to realize that I no longer needed time. But soon I was feeling tremendous anxiety. True, I had been liberated from the nervous habit of checking my watch every five minutes, but once the frame of reference of time faded completely away, I began to feel as if I had been flung into the ocean at night from the deck of a moving ship. No one noticed my screams, and the boat continued its forward advance, moving farther away until it was about to fade from view.

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Andrés N. Castro A. dijo...

Buen escritor, Murakami. Te recomiendo "A Wild Sheep Chase".